Perfect your family’s comfort with a Lennox heat pump in Milledgeville and Middle Georgia, Georgia. It’s among the most precise and effective systems on the market.

Since they work as a combined cooling and heating system, heat pumps are best for warmer climates. In the summer, it transfers the warmth in your home outdoors. In the winter, it moves outdoor heat inside your home.

Select models feature Precise Comfort® technology, using only the energy that’s needed to maintain your desired temp. And many run quietly, thanks to SilentComfort™ technology, which produces comfort you can feel, not hear.

Energy-efficient and ENERGY STAR® models can help you save more on utility costs, especially when combined with SunSource® solar technology. Using a solar-ready Lennox heat pump with this system can cut your heating and cooling costs by up to half.

Fine-tune your heat pump’s efficiency with a Lennox smart thermostat, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Compatible Lennox heat pumps can be combined with an energy-saving Lennox gas furnace to create an efficient dual-fuel heating system. The heat pump runs on moderate days, helping you save more on gas. The furnace heats your home on the chilliest days, maintaining maximum comfort for your family.

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Lennox Heat Pump

Three Perks of a Modern Heat Pump

Adding an updated heat pump for your house offers a number of perks, including:

Improved comfort

Innovative technology on select models can hold your desired temperature setting without using extra electricity.

Upgraded energy efficiency

High-efficiency heat pumps could help you save more on heating and cooling bills. Some models can be paired with a gas furnace to create two-fuel heating. This system provides efficient heating by alternating between gas and electricity based on your requirements.

Quieter comfort

Certain multistage units can operate at altering speeds. This means quiet airflow that can enable you to save more on utility costs.

Experience Quieter, Enhanced Efficient Coziness with a New Heat Pump

Give us a call at 478-200-5689 or contact us online to find out how adding a Lennox heat pump can enhance your home’s comfort. We’ll take the time to help you find the right model for your needs.

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    Receive up to $1,700 in rebates OR make no payments, incur no interest for 12 months when financing a new Lennox system**