Enhance your space in with a Lennox packaged system in Milledgeville and Middle Georgia, Georgia.

These compact heating and cooling systems are set up outdoors, freeing up more room for places with crawlspaces or tiny backyards.

Packaged systems are flexible for your home. You can place them on your rooftop or alongside your house, and select from a variety of models, including gas/electric, electric/electric, heat pump and dual fuel.

Select systems are ENERGY STAR® compliant, helping you save more on heating and cooling charges year-round. And some equipment is compatible with Lennox Healthy Climate®. This air purification option destroys allergens, bioaerosols and volatile organic compounds, making cleaner air to breathe.

Regardless of how you put your joint Lennox system, it assembled standard with a special fan to decrease vibrations and minimize operating noise. In addition, you can relax easy knowing it’s made from durable materials that will supply reliable comfort for years to come.

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Three Advantages of Getting a Packaged HVAC System

A packaged unit offers several features, including:

  1. Clearing up space—Heating and cooling equipment can take up a lot of space in your home, particularly if you don’t have a basement or large yard. A packaged system can be installed on your roof, freeing up more space indoors and outdoors.
  2. Increased energy efficiency—With a dual-fuel system, you will never have to guess when you need to use electricity or gas to heat your home. Your unit will do that for you, helping you save a lot more on utility bills. Additionally, select models are ENERGY STAR qualified, which can keep your household more comfortable while keeping heating and cooling bills low.
  3. Easy access during service—An all-in-one unit makes it easy for our professionals to tune up or repair heating and cooling components.

We’ll Help You Discover the Right Combined System for Your House

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